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Photo Story Album

BB Photo Story Album - Hand Imaging Ltd

At Hand Imaging we have many years of experience in producing professional quality Photo Story albums at our laboratory in Mullingar.


Free Template based Album page design software (see ROES),
Graphic and Photographic design of the album by our inhouse designer
Printing and Binding of albums
All albums are printed on Photographic Paper
Supply of a range of Album Covers.

Why BB Photostory?

BB Photo Story Album - Hand Imaging LtdHigh Quality Finish
Fast Turnaround for Print & Bind (6 to 7 working days)
Manufactured in Ireland
Protective coating applied to each page.
Free Design Software (see ROES)
Competitive Prices
Comprehensive range of products

The sizes of the albums range from 40x30cm (16x12), 35x35cm(14x14), 38x28cm oblong(15x11), 30x30cm (12x12), 25x35cm (10x14), 30x22.5cm (12x9) and parent albums 20x20cm(8x8), 20x15cm (8x6).(In brackets are the sizes in inches) The number of pages can range from 30 (15 double spreads) to 70 (35 double spreads) or more if required.